Tuesday, May 27

Sunday, May 18


Okay, this blog's going to be closed... really!

Am migrating to a new blog actually but am doing some prep work.

Learning up PHP, HTML and how to skin my own wordpress theme from scratch. It's just a side project to give me reason to actually learn them since I need it for a job next month. S

So bye bye blog. Will update you in regards to the new blog =D

Tuesday, May 13

Potong Stim

I was all elated at the prospect of buying a new graphics card. The GT9600 512mb costs about RM539 and is literally 500 times better then my current graphics card. I have the processor to boot, but the graphics card is just creating such a bottle neck.

But sadly, I found out that it needs at least 450 watts of power which would definately set me back for another 160 ringgit. So it's now a whopping RM 700 which could get me a psp, a new lens or pay for my 7 days in cambodia. Not good.

So oh well, no graphics card upgrade :(

Monday, May 12


So there's a pending trip to cambodia. Flight tickets paid by a kind friend.

Nevertheless, he plans to dump me after 3 days and I could stay there alone till whenever I want.

Adventure! Just as I was thinking of a self discovery getaway, this trip to cambodia would be most congruous.

Yet, things that are holding me back are:

1) money, it's about RM 700 but I was actually saving that portion for something else
2) safety, I want to go about freely with my DSLR. It's called CAM-bodia anyway, HAHA... btzz
3) aloneness, I'm already whining about how I've got no partner in crime

Question to self, should I go?

Thursday, May 8


Today's a good day. Beautiful weather, shopping spree and coffee bean. I sound like a girl.

Oh yeh, and passed 2 papers out of 4. Hope the last 2 would have cup sizes below F. Okay, bad joke. I do agree that perv jokes are politically bad. You know, it objectifies (wow, I didn't know there's such a word) women. Yet, I think the bulk of why I do it is that to somehow disintegrate the I'm holier then thou pretense.

Or just see the horror in the eyes of saints when I say such words as boob. *gasp*

I think it's really funny, such elaborations of explicitness , and it works so well in groups. Why? Cause we are collectively sexual beings. We are definitely shy about the whole issue reproduction hence maybe we unconsciously laugh out the uneasiness in advents of such discussions or encounter.

Of course, there's a fine line between crudeness and just implicated wrongness. The latter is just pure fun. Pure, get the irony? Nvm.

One is frustrated, no, it's more of a state of vex. I hate how when smaller things take precedence, the big picture is lost.

Here we are bickering about petty things when others are dealing with issues that matters the most. The great commission? It's a great omission now.

Shouldn't we be empowered? But here we are weekly seeking for forgiveness and waiting for that perfect plan to only start doing something. When are we going to take our places as servants of the most high king. Oh wait, when we get our theology and when we are the purest, devoid of all sin. Well, that will come when we die a few hundred times over, make that a few thousand.

Damn it, can't you people MOVE

Monday, May 5

The number 6

I've got it all planned. 6 great months of holidays. Then today I realized it maybe harder then I thought.

First, I'll actually need to go exercise to avoid being unhealthy and weighty after the 6 months are done

Second, I need to be careful to not get into the rut of lazing around. There's actually a lot of stuff to do, like going Cambodia! (tentative plan) or learning stuff and self discovery. Worse case scenario would be waking up everyday, eating, sleeping and playing ps2. Like that must as well find a job.

Third, there's this crazy heat wave going on now. Seriously, when it's hot, my brains cease to function and all I want to do is stay at one spot and not move. Oh, a whine and whimper of how hot the weather is.

Fourth, then there's the tinge, okay fine, a big blatant feeling of loneliness. It's just that everyone's busy now. They have their school and work and whatever else. Any bummers out there? It feels like going for a vacation with no one to spend it with.

Saturday, May 3


I'm a tad tired...

Tired of circumstances to be right, of things to be sorted out, stabilized. Cause here I am ready but there's always the need to fall back, to slow down... to stay stagnant. It's... boring and very much frustrating.

And of how simple things are made so complicated. It's like spending so much energy on preparing for a holiday, on packing and on making sure is right. By the time you do go for the holiday, you'd end up just sleeping in the hotel, exhausted from all the planning.

I find that rather unbalanced.

Thursday, May 1

Old.. so not

I don't feel 24... I still remember the day I was 13. I was walking pass this classroom which were making hell lot of noise. I vouch to never become such immature creatures.

Look at me now. I think I'm still 13 but with a louder mouth, a u know brain and maturity ain't that present too.

I observe some guys at my age, they are steady, mature or actually, rather just too uptight. Then again, being too loose ain't good too.

Anyhow, I don't think maturity is my forte; still lots of issues to work out. Stability ain't my cup of tea too, I still don't know what I want. But one thing I've grown (besides my tummy and moobies *grace call man boobs moobies*), I've grown to cherish my friends.

I was just having a quiet emo walk back at night on my birthday from the LRT back to home and was just thinking of all the people I know and that I could share laughters and smiles with. And it warms my heart to know that I know them and they know me.

Birthday was a mixture of sadness, happiness and German. Sad cause, SOME PPL nvr wish me, like my *BURP* best guy friend. Sad cause, the one person I really wanted to spend time with was busy with work. Another person is a few thousand miles away. But my 'German' company was absolutely hot, so no complains there.

Then there are the presents... next post for that... =D

Sunday, April 27


Don't be fooled, The girl on the left's really adorable and cute, her sakai face is just faking it..

Us in total awe of her sakai boobs. You know, I never expect to be good friends with Yin cause the first time I met her, she found out that I told Grace that her boobs were nice hence I presumed she presumed that I was a perv. Till I found out, she's equally yellow.

Them in total aww of my... princess fiona

I like this pic, everyone looks so good here.. =)

Well...emm, hahahaha

So what's better then a hot chic?

Getting prezzies from a hot chic! =D

Shall gloat more when it arrives... *heart melts*

Anyhow, today was a good day. 2nd last paper done, Ivan getting his new model kit, coffee bean and a new wedding booking =D Speaking of that, I really need to work on the wedding website.

Friday, April 25

Grand What?

I have this female mag I bought for portrait. You know, to study the lighting and posing, purely photographic endeavors! Really! Why don't you believe me. =(

Anyhow, just found out my friend's friend's bf got her a grand piano. Let me exuberantly reemphasize my last statement:


If shes his wife, I'd understand since I know someone who bought his wife a BMW Z3 which is like rm 150k or so. But, your girlfriend who has that slightest possibility of ever leaving you crushing your heart and lugging away that big grand piano ? ? ?

Sigh, the folly of man.... Girls


A birthday shout out to IK!!

This saturday yo!!

He's one guy really respect, earning big bucks, smart, intelligent and kind hearted. All guys! I mean, girls, grab him while stocks last! Happy Prebirthday man =)

Personal Birthday Wishes:

1) A new studio umbrella
2) Pocket Wizards
3) Camera Bag
4) Gundam Models
5) Bikini Models
6) New battery for camera
7) PSP
8) NDS
9) ABC
10) YOU in ribbons... XD
11) A hotel room for one day for a photoshoot.. lols, no it's definitely not connected to number 10, don't think nonsense

You know, after writing this list, I realized there's not many things I'd want. Hmm, I thought I had hundreds swimming in my mind.

Thursday, April 24

Print Screen

I've been photographing lately, not with the shutter button but instead, the print screen button.

Yes, taking lots and lots of pics of my desktop for technical manuals for Toyata and Alliance Bank =D Hope to get more jobs in this manual writing thingy. THANK YOU ADRIAN FOR THE JOBS!

With that, it's financing new clothes for the camera. A much needed automatic flash and a 85mm f/1.8 lens. Just got this lens that costs rm600 for only rm200 which is such a good deal.

Hence with the new equipment I hope to:

1) venture into corporate portraits.
2) product shots

Oh ya, I asked someone, The Question

Her answer as most girls torturingly says, 'give me sometime to think about it'

*crosses finger*

Actually, it was accidentally through the phone, need to take her out and ask her properly I guess. For now, I need to read up for my last 2 final final papers.

Wednesday, April 23

Perfect Evil Plan 1

Perfect because you can definately get away with it:

1) Wait for heavy downpour of rain, snow or meteor shower
2) Pickup phone and call up Mcdonalds
3) Order a cup of coke
4) Ask it to be delivered to your home
5) Laugh, evilly

Tuesday, April 22


Dear Blog,

I see you've eaten the webby spider. Bad blog!

Sorry, it's my fault for not feeding you. You know, other things are eating up my heart. I wish they would stop devouring me. I wish I could give it to someone and let her keep it safe. Alas, I dunno who could guard it well.

Give it to you? Nah, I've seen whether spider went. I don't want my heart to follow suit.

Well, there's a girl where my heart wants to sit side to side with hers. When ever we did, it felt the happiest and somehow, life seemed the ever more so beautiful. We could have really long heart to heart talks and I miss doing that.

What you mean I'm such a lame-o with that last line? At least I don't eat spiders.. bah

But, shes far away in a distant land and I know one day I could only look from afar as her heart sits with another. Hmm, maybe you could eat that heart instead for me? Deal dear blog?

Then there's another... well I don't know what I want. Dear blog, help me to choose? Fine, you can ponder over it whilst chewing on more spiders. *gives blog some spiders*

Friday, April 18


Dear Blog,

I know I've neglected you so much. There's so many things I would like to tell you. Stuff like pretty girls, gay guys and other off tangent topics but alas, the exams are coming hence no time for you la.

But not to fear, I know how ugly you've become with all my poking around. So I promise you dear blog that I would give you a face lift, character lift and pandan leaf when the ordeal with this final final exams are done.

So please keep the cobweb making spider company whilst I venture into the depths of darkness called my study table.

With much love,


Sunday, April 13


So most of the morning of the past day was spent looking at an orange getting splat. It was quite a challenging shot. Imagine Jen Ling having to sacrifice about 6 or more oranges to just get that right amount of splattering.

Then there's the factor of the sun and clouds; the balance of both in the frame. Then there's the problem of the lower part of the orange not getting enough light hence we needed to compensate it using a wireless flash with a shoot through umbrella.

Friday, April 11

The Final Lap

LAST DAY OF UNI!! (Hopefully) I can’t wait to graduate cause frankly, Uni life wasn’t that great. I love the subjects that I studied, but hated the exams cause it was stressful.

Yet, one should be thankful actually tremendously grateful that a chance was given to study anyhow. Actually, I never imagined going up to university level even more so an engineering degree cause I never deemed myself as someone book smart.

Just ask my highschool and form 6 teachers, they’d say I’d be better off selling chicken rice. I was nearly prepared to do that - sell chicken rice - in preparation for my failure upon the form 6 exams.

I didn’t fail though, I partially failed; got a big donkey for my ‘pengajian am’ paper which rendered me void of entering any local university.

The other subjects were all cool, like different shades of cool, C-, C+ and just C.ool.

I can’t believe it’s already the last day of Uni. Just some hurdles left like today’s demo of the robotic arm, the presentation of it in a month’s time and of course, the final exams.

On a side note, maybe I’m searching too hard and at the wrong places too and for the wrong things too. Off tangent as they say. Yet I know that there’s one thing that could realign the trajectory but it’s hard to adopt such a change. It’s a hunger, hungry for something more then just living.

Thursday, April 10


Just completed my first website! click

Anyhow, am.. so so so sleepy now but am happy cause I got to talk with someone whom I really wanted to know more months back.

Going out for a product shoot for an advert company later at 7... I'm going to suffer for sleeping so late.

btzz btzz

Saturday, April 5

Fast Backwards

Was reading about this guitar book on the arrangement of notes and how the present day guitar tuning's the best and fastest way to play.

With that, usually improvement involves evolving forward not backwards but olden day typewriters was given a pimped down improvement. You see, one big problem of 'em old keyboards were it's keys getting jammed all the time thanks to speed demon typists.

So to avoid stuck keys, they rearranged the default alphabet layout to slow typing down to an unjamming rate. Bizarre.

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